11 Must-Have Tools For Digital Nomads For Real Success

I’ve been a Digital Nomad for over 5 years. And if there’s something I learned, it’s definitely the must-have tools for digital nomads.

I started out with one client at the beginning. They were on a retainer. At the same time, I had a couple of freelancing tasks here and there that kept me afloat and that financed my travels.

With an academic background, it felt natural to me to get into helping out Master Students and PhD Professionals with proofreading their Thesis.

I also wrote government proposals here and there. I did that for about a year until I decided that I wanted to go all-in on my own business. 

Not going to lie it was a scary thing to do. To tell people I wasn’t available for random/odd jobs that were bringing in money to go all-in on my own business and simply focus on that. But Oh my gosh, I’m so happy I did that.

I ask my community questions, I listen to them, I try to improve myself on a daily basis and I show up even if I don’t feel like it. If you’re still skeptical, have a look at my social media.

Working Remotely Taxes Issues Everything You Must Know

Tools For Digital Nomads – Overview

Let’s start this guide with some frequently asked questions that I often receive as a business owner (and previous digital nomad freelancer).

What Digital Nomad Tools Do You Need as a Business Owner?

As a business owner, having a mentor can be invaluable. For guidance and business strategy, I highly recommend experts like Jim Fortin and James Wedmore.

I personally attended their courses and listened to their podcasts, and they offered insights and advice that can be essential to running a business remotely.

What Digital Nomad Tools Do You Need as an Employee?

I used to be an employee working remotely for a while, and I couldn’t have done it without tools like Monday.com and Canva Pro.

These helped me stay focused and organized, and Canva helped me with graphics and visuals, which are needed for many online jobs!

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How do Digital Nomads Handle Insurance When Traveling?

Managing health insurance while traveling is a key concern for digital nomads.

SafetyWing is often considered the best option for health insurance, offering comprehensive coverage tailored to all needs of nomads, and you’ll be traveling with peace of mind, wherever you go.

What Tools do Digital Nomads use for effective Collaboration?

Digital nomads often rely on effective tools for collaboration to ensure smooth communication and project management, and Monday.com is the best in my experience.

Their platform stands out for its user-friendly interface and its ability to streamline workflows and team collaboration.

With features like customizable boards, integration capabilities with other tools, and real-time collaboration, Monday.com is by far one of the best tools for digital nomads.

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11 Must-Have Tools for Digital Nomads

Something I get asked a lot is – how do you handle all of that

And my first answer to that is.. well, it’s an online business

But the other day I was really digging deeper into the ‘things‘ I couldn’t live without and that made my life so much easier and better. I’m not going to list the obvious things such as having a laptop and a webcam.

But I’m diving much deeper here:

Digital Nomad Tools and Software

Banking and Investment

  • I use WiseRevolut, and Revolut Business for all international (business) bank transfers and even things such as paying rent to our landlords when traveling.

As a digital nomad, managing finances across borders is streamlined with these solutions. These platforms offer a hassle-free experience for international business transactions and personal expenses.

Their low fees and real-time exchange rates make them digital nomad must haves for handling different currencies.

Revolut Business, in particular, is beneficial for managing business finances, offering additional features like expense tracking and budgeting tools, essential for keeping financial affairs organized and efficient while on the move.

Website Image Masterclass
  • I use my AMEX for every dollar I pay to get reward points back which then translates to free flights.

Leveraging the AMEX credit card for every purchase is a smart strategy for nomads. This approach maximizes reward points, which can be redeemed for free flights and other travel-related perks.

Using AMEX for daily expenses, from small purchases to significant expenditures, accumulates points quickly, translating into substantial savings on air travel.

This method not only eases the financial aspects of frequent travel but also enhances the overall travel experience with additional benefits and rewards offered by AMEX.

  • I use Bake to generate passive income.

Creating streams of passive income is crucial, and platforms like Bake offer an avenue to generate it.

Bake allows users to invest in various assets, potentially yielding returns over time. This method of income generation is particularly appealing to digital nomads, as it requires minimal active involvement.

Incorporating passive income strategies into their financial portfolio provides digital nomads with more stability and financial freedom, essential for sustaining a nomadic lifestyle.

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Health Insurance

I use Safetywing for my Health Insurance which fully caters to nomads.

For digital nomads, finding the right health insurance is crucial, and I learned it after years of nomading. Safetywing emerges as an ideal solution, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of nomads.

Its flexibility is a key advantage, allowing you to start or pause their coverage as per their travel plans, and the process of claims and medical assistance is streamlined for convenience.

Plus, they cover up to $250,000 on their basic plan, and that is very helpful when traveling.


  • I used Canva Pro to create an amazing brand that is visually appealing. 
  • I use Monday.com for all our internal processes, strategies, and projects and to communicate with my team.

Utilizing Canva Pro has been instrumental in crafting a visually appealing brand. As a digital nomad, having access to a user-friendly, yet powerful design tool is vital.

Canva Pro offers a huge number of templates and design elements that simplify the process of creating professional-looking graphics and branding materials.

On the other hand, Monday.com is the central hub for managing internal processes, strategies, and projects, and it’s pivotal for team communication.

Its versatility and user-friendly design make it an excellent tool for digital nomads managing remote teams and I simply couldn’t recommend it enough.

best tools for digital nomads

Other Digital Nomad Must Haves

Other than banking, investment, and different software, you’ll need other must have digital nomad tools to be successful, and these are the ones I recommend because they got me where I am today.

  • I got a Mentor.

You’ve probably heard me talk about him before – Jim Fortin – he basically taught me how to rewire my brain to get ANYTHING I want in life.

The best part about it – he is doing currently a FREE training. Make sure to register for it. I did this training about 2 years ago and it transformed my life.

Must Have Tools For Digital Nomads For Real Success
  • I got a Business Coach

Let’s be honest: after 7 years of studying, I had no idea how to run an online business.

Having an online business is sooo much more than just simply hoping that one of your posts goes viral and I learned pretty much all I do from James Wedmore. I highly recommend you start getting familiar with him by listening to his podcast.

  • I surround myself with like-minded individuals.

Community is so important and my friends over at Nomad Escape always host different retreats around the world.

Embracing community is a vital aspect of the digital nomad lifestyle, and Nomad Escape plays a crucial role in this regard, offering a platform for nomads to connect, collaborate, and grow together.

Their retreats are not just about networking; they’re immersive experiences that combine professional development, leisure, and cultural exploration – They’re a little similar to the Remote 9 networking trips.

  • I use the most user-friendly online platform out there to host my products and services – Kajabi. They’re offering a 14-day FREE trial.  

Those are only a few of the tools I use on a daily basis.

Really they have helped me catapult me to the Next Level. I will keep expanding on the list as I learn and grow more. Because let’s be real here. If you are your own boss, your business will only grow to the extent that YOU grow and evolve.

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My Experience as a Successful Digital Nomad

Like I said in the intro of this article, my journey as a digital nomad started with freelance tasks and proofreading for students, then transitioning to writing government proposals.

The contrast of how my life was 5 years ago – trying to do all different odd jobs to bring in some cash flow – to today, is amazing. Here are some huge milestones I reached:

  • I just recently became a property owner
  • I got invited by a Member of Parliament to consult on their Digital Nomad Bill
  • I secured a deal with another Government to promote their Digital Nomad Visa

And trust me, I don’t take this leader title lightly and I work on listening and hearing what my community has to say on a daily basis.

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Conclusion – Digital Nomad Tools

We hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have any further questions please leave us a message below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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