Iceland with Remote 9: Co-Working Trip for Digital Nomads

Are you a digital nomad that is always on the road and that craves a group trip while working on your own projects?

Remote 9 might just have what you’re after.

What they have in store isn’t your ordinary trip; it’s a transformative adventure that merges work, learning, and exploration into a single, unique experience.

Picture yourself surrounded by like-minded people, sharing ideas and learning from them, while traveling through Iceland.

I took the Iceland trip with Remote 9, and I’m here to tell you everything about it from a digital nomad standpoint but also share the fun parts of the trip!

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Iceland with Remote 9

Let me start this guide with the essentials you should know about Remote 9 – What is it, how beneficial their trips are for digital nomads, and more.

What is Remote 9?

Remote 9 is a company that organizes co-working trips for digital nomads and remote workers around the world.  

This isn’t your standard co-working/co-living experience as you’re a small group of 9 people who are traveling and exploring a new country together all whilst working remotely.

Remote 9 offers tours to Iceland, Croatia, Japan, and beyond, which is great for discovering the world and meeting like-minded people on the road.

Their trips not only include group activities around famous tourist attractions but also workshops and coworking time, making it the perfect mix of productivity and fun.

How Beneficial Are Remote 9 Co-Working Trips for Digital Nomads?

Remote 9 co-working trips are invaluable for digital nomads, offering networking opportunities, skill enhancement, collaboration, inspiration from new environments, and a supportive community.

These trips enable participants to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from peers and experts, exchange ideas, find inspiration, and strike a balance between work and exploration.

With well-designed itineraries, as a remote worker, you can learn about local culture and create lifelong connections while experiencing personal and professional growth.

I personally joined the tour to Iceland, which lasted 3 weeks, and learned so much from other participants while enjoying the Golden Circle and other stunning landscapes.

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The Skillshares on Remote 9 Trips

Traveling with the Remote 9 crew and other remote workers was an experience in and of itself, but what really brought a lot of value-add to the trip was the skillshare sessions.

The skillshares were an opportunity for everyone to share their knowledge and skills in chosen topics like travel photography, managing a remote team, social media marketing, and many more.

I had the opportunity to share during a skillshare session how to become a 6-figure online consultant as I’ve managed to do so with my own knowledge and expertise at Wanderers Wealth.

While Skillshares focus on sharing your own knowledge and experience with other participants, Masterminds are different and make your brain work!

Masterminds are all about presenting a problem and working with the other participants to find a solution. 

All in all, the skillshare sessions provided me with new skills and insights into what other digital nomads do for work and they also gave me the opportunity to connect on a professional level with other online experts.

However, it’s worth noting that these sessions are only 20 to 30 minutes long as we had to make time for the individual working times and exploring time.

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Connecting With Entrepreneurs on the Road

Working remotely is great, but there are definitely some downsides and one of them is not meeting or connecting with people.

According to the State of Remote Work 2023 by Buffer, 15% of digital nomads consider loneliness as being the biggest struggle of working online.

But when taking a trip with Remote 9, this problem just doesn’t exist!

In fact, traveling to the other side of the world with a community of like-minded individuals opens your mind to new perspectives, fuels your creativity, and unlocks a world of possibilities.

As I embarked on my journey with Remote 9, I quickly realized that the connections I made were not just professional acquaintances but individuals who shared the same lifestyle and drive for entrepreneurship as me.

We bonded over our common challenges as digital nomads, exchanged ideas, and sparked innovative collaborations transcending geographical boundaries.

Simply put, other than the traveling part and unique workshops, the networking part holds a lot of value.

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My Take on Remote 9 Professional Growth Opportunities

Remote 9 offers a wide range of opportunities that elevate your skills, expand your network, and ignite your passion for personal and entrepreneurial development.

Being in the presence of entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and industries creates a rich tapestry of experiences and insights.

Beyond the formal workshops, the informal moments spent exploring Iceland, hiking, or sharing meals together were nice, and it was good to unplug briefly with participants sharing similar interests.

In conclusion, traveling together and exchanging ideas with fellow entrepreneurs is a synonym for personal and professional growth!

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Remote 9 Iceland Itinerary Overview

Of course, as a remote worker, the fun part is traveling, and Iceland was just incredible, with landscapes and waterfalls that are among the best in the world.

The Remote 9 itinerary was 3 weeks long, and we went everywhere around Iceland, from the Golden Circle to the East, North, and West parts of the country.

Among the best places we visited were:

  • The Silfra fissure
  • Kirkjufell Mountain
  • Godafoss Waterfall
  • Skogafoss Waterfall
  • Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon
  • Bruarfoss Waterfall
  • Geysir geothermal area
  • Djúpalónssandur black sand beach
  • and more!
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Working Remotely and Traveling in Iceland

Nice attractions, accommodation, and crew are always good to have when taking a tour, but Remote 9 is all about working and traveling, so let me elaborate on this part.

Accommodations on The Trip

On top of traveling, the cozy villas in each location provided productive co-living spaces, which was very convenient for getting some work done after exploring.

In South Iceland, we had a cottage surrounded by nature, with the iconic Vestrahorn just a short drive away.

In the East, we had a stunning fjord-side house with ocean views and a hot tub, providing ample opportunities for co-working and growth activities.

The North offers breathtaking views, cozy accommodations, and proximity to natural wonders, creating a serene environment for work and relaxation.

After a day of working on projects, I got to relax in the hot tub, which was a nice added bonus, despite the weather!

Needless to say, all the villas that the Remote 9 staff booked for us were spotless, and we didn’t have any issues in the 3 weeks we spent traveling!

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Internet Coverage

One of the key concerns for digital nomads is access to reliable internet. Fortunately, during my journey around Iceland with Remote 9, internet connectivity was surprisingly good, even in remote areas.

Whether exploring the Golden Circle, South Iceland, South East, East, North, or any other region, WiFi was readily available in most places we visited.

Moreover, the internet connection in each villa we stayed at was not only stable but also pretty fast. We also had 2 small wifi routers at all times with us in the car so that we could get work done even on the road.

The combination of WiFi availability throughout Iceland and the reliable internet in our accommodations made it possible for us to work and communicate seamlessly while traveling!

You will be provided with a calendar that lays out the exact itinerary so you know when you’ll be on the road or can book meetings.

Personally, I would recommend scheduling as few personal meetings as possible during the time of your trip because after all you are on a road trip through Iceland constantly surrounded by 8 other people.

But any other online work like writing, researching, or analyzing that needs to be done while on the go should be no problem.

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This was my comprehensive review of my trip to Iceland with Remote 9, full of fun, work, networking opportunities, and stunning accommodations!

I’ve done many group trips in the past but this one was very different as we all bonded immediately from the beginning over our similar lifestyles. 

If you’re interested in joining a co-working trip organized by Remote9 I recommend you check out their website with their current offerings and if you mention my referral code WANDERERSWEALTH you’ll even get a discount.

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